will you stay for touch ups after the services are completed?

Me and my team always assure that the bride & everyone in the bridal party is touched up right before we head out. If you are looking for touch ups or a hair change, I am able to stay for touch ups on location for an hourly rate of $50 per hour.

When should i book my services with you?

Most wedding vendors (including us) book out about a year in advance. Sometimes there are a few weekends available that book later so don’t be shy and send us an email! If we are available, we would love to have you as one of our brides! We have booked weddings as little as a week beforehand. If you are wanting to nail down your vendors with enough time, then the earlier the better!

do you require a deposit to book my date?

Yes- once we know your bridal party size and the amount of services needed we require a 25% deposit in order to book your date.

what does your travel fee and accommodations look like?

When planning your wedding, it is important to consider travel & hotel accommodations for any wedding vendor. Destination weddings at the beach or mountains sound amazing! We definitely travel and would love to be a part of your special day! With traveling in mind, here are a few details you should know and the reasoning behind the cost.

  • Travel takes time: If your wedding is 2 hours away, we drive 2 hours then work for about 5-6 hours and then drive back home on the same day. This is about a 9 or 10 hour day for us (depending on location). All fees are based on the specific location and are quoted for a round trip. For weddings/events further than 2 hours we require a hotel the night before so we can be ready to work on location the morning of your event!

  • Vehicle costs: gas, mileage on our cars, and maintenance.

  • Loss of time: We have all have families (husbands, kids, older parents) & most of the time they are available during the weekends. When we choose to work with you, we are deciding to not see our loved ones at all this day. We all LOVE what we do so this is not a complaint, it is just part of working a destination wedding.

  • Potential local opportunities: vendors can book 3-4 local weddings per weekend. If you would like a vendor to travel to your destination, an incentive should be present in order to weigh out the cons.

If you want the best services, sometimes it comes at a higher cost. If there are multiple hair + makeup artist traveling to your wedding, the travel fee will be quoted for each team member coming along on for your big day! There is no set travel fee since it depends on location, services needed, and assistants. If you are interested in a quote, shoot us an email and we would be happy to send that over!

how much time will my services take?

The average time to finish a bridal party is about 5 hours total. Sometimes it takes us 4 hours or 6 hours- this all depends on the number of services needed, the amount of time given, and the number of team members working that day. We like to leave a few minutes to spare at the end for touch ups so everyone can feel confident and glamorous! We always make a timeline in advance to ensure all services are completed on time.

if you have any other questions or concerns please email